A Bit About Us

Oink KZN South Coast is administered, hosted and managed by Oink South Africa, a private company, solely owned by Craig Nuttley. Oink registered its first online platform in 2006 and has been actively promoting South African business since 2007. This platform is dedicated to promoting the activities of business and individual communities and towns along the coast. Through this process we will create job opportunities, new business owners and oinksome marketing and advertising space at unbeatable prices.

Our Mission

Oink creates the platforms which enable access to the tools both business and local communities of each town along the South Coast require to bring back tourism to what should ultimately be the jewel of South African travel and tourist destinations. This is our mission and we will go out of our way to provide accurate and updated information to visitors, tourists and locals by developing a sound relationship with active businesses. Growing our digital footprint will provide opportunities for unemployed men and women who are willing to work to join the Oink family

We are currently developing this website and all dedicated local information hubs will be active by end February 2019.